Watch the News: Top 10 Events in Music that Ruled the Summer

Editor’s Note: Jasmine is the creator and lead blogger for, a site dedicated to everything entertainment. Through iSocialite, she has worked with some of music’s biggest stars including Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Nas, and Ciara. She’s been in the entertainment industry for several years now and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. The summer … Continue reading

Anastasia Wright: Being a Boss Lady the I.M.G. Way

Young, intelligent, fearless, business savvy, witty, creative—no I’m not describing myself, I’m talking about Anastasia Wright. When we decided to do these Spotlight On… interviews, I immediately knew we had to feature her. As one of the founders and principal owner of Imperial Marketing Group (I.M.G.), a marketing & branding company specializing in lifestyle and … Continue reading

My Music, Inc.: How to Manage the Business of Selling Your Music

Disclaimer: Please note that IXiiV Records, LLC now goes by IXiiV Artist Consulting. You can email us at A musician is in essence the owner of a sole proprietorship, a business entity run by one individual. As a recording artist, you wear many hats – you’re the CEO, the secretary, the product manager, the … Continue reading

Bosco and Peck: A New Soul Sound

Bosco and Peck fuse soul music with elements of funk, rock, blues, R&B, and even hip-hop to create a new sound that pushes the creative envelope. IXiiV’s own Boss Lady, Vicki, was introduced to the band several years ago by her friend Brooke Williams, who has sung with the group on and off for the … Continue reading

Ownership Vs. Access: How Spotify Could Change The World

Editor’s Note: We are so excited to welcome Alex Horowitz as our first guest author! He is a music and tech blogger writing on behalf of Contested. Did we also mention he’s a musician? See his band [ghost this] perform live at Bar East in NYC this Friday. By now, even those of us in … Continue reading

Copyright Basics for Recording Artists: Protect Your Music

Copyright law is an integral and often controversial part of the music business. It is the basis for almost every deal that involves recording, touring, publishing, and more. Copyright law determines not only who owns the music, but also, most importantly, it determines who receives royalties every time the music is licensed, recorded, sold, and/or … Continue reading

Making the Most of Internships Part II: 5 Ways to Enlighten, Empower and Employ

In Making the Most of Internships Part I we discussed all the various reasons internships are beneficial to those who are trying to break into the music business and how to use them in the most effective manner. In Part II we discuss why these internships can be just as beneficial to the employer and … Continue reading

Music Industry Networking: Create An Effective Elevator Pitch For Your Brand

Disclaimer: Please note that IXiiV Records, LLC now goes by IXiiV Artist Consulting. You can email us at What would you say if you were on an elevator with your music industry idol? How would you use this short window of time to convince them to hear your music? To seize this possible once-in-a-lifetime … Continue reading

Making the Most of Internships Part 1: From Coffee Runs to Running the Next Meeting

Disclaimer: Please note that IXiiV Records, LLC now goes by IXiiV Artist Consulting. You can email us at When most people hear the word internship, they think grunt work and no (or at least very little) pay.  When I hear internship, I think opportunity; I’ve always thought this, years ago as an intern and … Continue reading

Adrienne Mack-Davis: All For The Love

Adrienne Mack-Davis, a classically trained vocalist from Rochester NY, is an artist in the truest sense of the word. As explained on her website’s Manifesto page, “she believes that the superficial pedestal of fame needs an evolutionary kick in the ass.” While in person she at times seems reserved and pensive, much more comfortable as … Continue reading