Willie Green: The Art of Production

When we first sat down with NYC-based producer and engineer, Willie Green, he made sure to let us know he is more than “just a producer” – he is an artist. Like any artist, Willie takes pride in his work, and puts a piece of himself in everything he does. He creates, he manipulates, and … Continue reading

PremRock: Killing Your Idols

The Boss Ladies of IXiiV have worked in this industry their entire adult lives, and they can safely say it is a rarity to come across an independent artist who is not only serious about his art, but also serious and smart about the business of that art; someone who is respectful of how the … Continue reading

Eric Sosa: Mr. 505 Decodes His Sosalogy

Eric Sosa, or Mr. 505 as he is known to refer to himself on Twitter, is not an artist that can be easily labeled or pigeonholed. Unable to be contained in preexisting classifications, he has created his own field of thought and philosophy, Sosalogy, which he uses as the title for his personal blog. Much … Continue reading

Danielle Thornton: Sosa Management Corp’s Leading Lady

“Behind every great man is a great woman.” While the origin of this popular phrase is unknown, one thing is for certain – it was created with Danielle Thornton in mind. The backbone of everything Sosa, Danielle is the president of Sosa Management Corp. and manager extraordinaire to up-and-coming artist, Eric Sosa, who is unveiling … Continue reading

Anastasia Wright: Being a Boss Lady the I.M.G. Way

Young, intelligent, fearless, business savvy, witty, creative—no I’m not describing myself, I’m talking about Anastasia Wright. When we decided to do these Spotlight On… interviews, I immediately knew we had to feature her. As one of the founders and principal owner of Imperial Marketing Group (I.M.G.), a marketing & branding company specializing in lifestyle and … Continue reading

Bosco and Peck: A New Soul Sound

Bosco and Peck fuse soul music with elements of funk, rock, blues, R&B, and even hip-hop to create a new sound that pushes the creative envelope. IXiiV’s own Boss Lady, Vicki, was introduced to the band several years ago by her friend Brooke Williams, who has sung with the group on and off for the … Continue reading

Adrienne Mack-Davis: All For The Love

Adrienne Mack-Davis, a classically trained vocalist from Rochester NY, is an artist in the truest sense of the word. As explained on her website’s Manifesto page, “she believes that the superficial pedestal of fame needs an evolutionary kick in the ass.” While in person she at times seems reserved and pensive, much more comfortable as … Continue reading

feleciacruz: Fighting for the Future

Disclaimer: Please note that IXiiV Records, LLC now goes by IXiiV Artist Consulting. You can email us at consulting@ixiiv.com. Cathleen Angelo, better known as feleciacruz, never let others define what success was for her, she defined it for herself. IXiiV Records prides itself on helping artists find their own path to success and break free … Continue reading