About IXiiV

IXiiV Artist Consulting

IXiiV Artist Consulting provides independent recording artists with the marketing, branding, and performance services they need to further their careers. Dedicated to empowering artists, IXiiV believes that, given the right tools and knowledge, artists can navigate their own successful path in the music industry.

The IXiiV Boss Ladies work with musicians at every career stage and within any budget. Some of our services include:

  • EPKs
  • Artist Bios
  • Marketing plans
  • Social media plans
  • Copyright filing
  • Interview prep
  • Performance review
  • Do-It-Yourself tools

Please contact us at consulting@ixiiv.com for a full service list.

The Boss Ladies

IXiiV Artist Consulting is run by two creative and business savvy women, Vicki and Suz. The Boss Ladies, as they are known, met while attending the Music Industry program at Drexel University. They quickly became roommates after discovering shared passions for urban music, marketing, and performance. After graduating, The Boss Ladies decided to execute the business plan they had written for their senior thesis and launch their own record label. Fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams, the Boss Ladies named their company IXiiV Records, a play on 9-to-5 jobs. What started as an independent hip-hop label grew into an innovative music company (now IXiiV Artist Consulting) that provides artists of all genres with the resources they need to succeed. From marketing to product development to finance, the Boss Ladies have knowledge and experience in all aspects of the music business.

IXiiV’s Motto

“Damn the man. Play the music.” illustrates a shift in focus from the usual corporate business models that are focused on the bottom line to a modern approach focused on artistry and fan engagement. As technology and consumer trends continue to diminish the role of major labels, the Boss Ladies are committed to helping artists take advantage of new opportunities to market, promote, and distribute their music.

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