Watch the News: Top 10 Events in Music that Ruled the Summer

Editor’s Note: Jasmine is the creator and lead blogger for, a site dedicated to everything entertainment. Through iSocialite, she has worked with some of music’s biggest stars including Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Nas, and Ciara. She’s been in the entertainment industry for several years now and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

The summer of 2011 has been a roller coaster ride for me, and I am sure some of you can agree. Since I’m a music blogger, I decided to put a list of all of the events that would come to mind when I think of Summer 2011. Feel free to leave your Summer 2011 Moments in Music in the comments below!

10. Planks on Planks on Planks.

Celebrities decided to jump on the very short-lived craze, planking. Planking involves laying on your stomach in a plank formation. Your favorite celebrities posted pictures of themselves planking everywhere. It was stupid, but entertaining.

Big Sean Planking

The Game Planking

9. Oh, so it was Nicki who stole Lil’ Mama’s swag.

So Lil’ Mama said in an interview that she’s flattered that Nicki Minaj would want to imitate her- stating that Nicki was inspired by Lil’ Mama’s hairstyle during a taping of America’s Best Dance Crew. We don’t believe you, you need more people. Last time I checked into ABDC Lil’ Mama was rockin’ hats with the weave ponytail attached to the back.

Nicki Minaj and Lil Mama

8. Kim Kardashian Finally Found & Kept a Baller (For Now)!

We all know Kim K has been struggling to find a nice *coughs, baller* man to settle down with after her situation with Reggie Bush fell through. Just recently, Kris Humphries has been chosen as the man of choice and put a ring on it! Congrats!

Kim Kardashian Gets Married

7. Bow Wow Becomes a Father (after denying)

This summer reported that Bow Wow was going to be a father! He got some video model pregnant. When the news first was reported, Bow Wow slandered the unborn child, saying he needs a pregnancy test and etc., knowing deep down inside that the baby was his. The baby is a few months old now, and I’m happy to say that Bow Wow is now taking care of his responsibilities and has been photoed out and about with the child on numerous occasions. According to reports, Bow Wow’s baby mamma (Miss Joie) wants $50,000 a month for child support. 50K every 4 weeks?! That’s child, mother, grandmother, uncle, sister, and brother support. Sheesh!

6. Amber Rose apologizes to the “RoseBuds” that look up to her after Nude Photos leak..twice.

Okay, there are many things wrong with this. First of all, if your child looks up to Amber Rose…nevermind. Amber Rose originally said that the photos were leaked by a former assistant or friend or whatever and I said Ok. BUT, just recently, more nude photos were leaked AND we can see that Amber Rose got a new tattoo. I could care less what her explanation is for this one. We don’t believe you Amber. But regardless, I actually like her.. she seems nice. *shrugs*

5. Nicki Minaj Dumps the Boyfriend She Was Never Dating!

So we all heard about the rumored altercation between Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend/hypeman/a&r/whatever she needs him to be at the moment for publicity purposes, SB. If you didn’t, I’ll give you a quick rundown Nicki Minaj and SB were staying in a hotel in Dallas and some sort of fight broke out where SB hit Nicki with a suitcase (could have been on purpose or accidental). Of course, Nicki denied the reports via her Twitter account and basically called everyone stupid for believing the media..BUT TMZ got their hands on the official police report (which also revealed that she’s older than what she says) and audio from the 911 call. After that, it was rumored that Nicki had her bodyguards fire SB and escort him out of one her shows. He then returned to Nicki’s condo in California and refused to leave. Their tweets definitely corroborated with this story. SB goes with Nicki everywhere, but he is not on tour with her anymore.

Nicki Minaj Twitter

4. Meek Mill & Rick Ross bring everything back to life.

Meek Mill & Rick Ross released a new single, Tupac Back. This started a whole chain of artists bringing things back to life. They brought back Reebok, Snapbacks, Big Pun, Biggie, Brooklyn; not to mention all of the irrelevant rappers jumping on the beat for a freestyle. It was insanity.

3. Drake invited all of the irrelevant artists to Marvin’s Room- Causes Room to Reach Capacity.

Drake released a hit song, Marvin’s Room. Can’t call it a single because Drake decided not to put on the album for whatever reason (hoping this means a Deluxe version of Take Care will be available). But anyway, Drake started a domino effect of completely irrelevant artists hopping on the track. Remixes from Teyana Taylor, Sammie, Chris Brown, Jojo (??!!), Romeo (-_-) and many more developed. I personally think Teyana’s took the crown. Her Lauryn Hill insert was the perfect touch.

2.Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith Cause Earth-Shattering News (Literally)

A few days ago, a rumor started floating around saying that Will Smith & Jada had split up. Of course, many people who still believe in marriage were completely devastated! Many accounts were deactivated on that day, and single women 40+ were calling their high school prom dates and looking them up on Facebook in an attempt to rekindle the flame. During the same day, there was an earthquake along the east coast! I am convinced that somewhere, someone was reading the news about the break up and felt the earth shake beneath them at the same time- eerie. But of course, the rumors of the split up were debunked, followed by a completely staged publicity appearance by Will & Jada, who were shown laughing and kissing like nothing’s wrong.

During the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce made the EXPLOSIVE announcement that she is finally going to have a baby with Jay-Z! I’m still in shock, and probably will be for the next 9 or so months. After performing her song, Love on Top, Beyonce unfastened her blazer to show off her baby bump! The camera guy then turned to an ecstatic Kanye West & Jay-Z (although it seemed like Kanye was more excited than Jay) after her performance. That priceless moment and Beyonce’s unmatched glow made that night absolutely unforgettable. This event has so much value and goes well beyond an award show appearance. It shows that marriage does indeed still mean something. Beyonce was a successful woman with a budding career, then dated Jay-Z who was also successful, continued her career and turned herself into a Pop Icon, then got married, continued her career and business ventures, then gets pregnant and announces so by performing at a huge award show–  amazing. Beyonce never fails to raise the bar.

Beyonce Pregnant at VMAs

Beyonce Jay-Z and Kanye West at VMAs

* . Watch the Leak

I didn’t give this one a number because it just deserves an honorable mention. Jay-Z & Kanye also dropped their highly anticipated joint album, Watch the Throne, this summer. They decided to release it via iTunes before they would release it in stores. They did an awesome job of keeping it leak proof! But, as soon is it was release by iTunes at 12AM, I’m sure & crashed since so many people were uploading the album to share with their friends. Was it smart to release it online before releasing a hard copy? I think not.

Watch the Throne

What event between June and August 2011 caught your attention? Leave a comment below!


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