The New IXiiV Records

Disclaimer: Please note that IXiiV Records, LLC now goes by IXiiV Artist Consulting. You can email us at

Deciding to pursue a career as a recording artist is a life-changing commitment. Successfully navigating through an industry where only the strong and savvy survive requires much more than talent and hard work. As technology and consumer trends continue to diminish the role of major labels, independent artists have more opportunities than ever to build a fan base and get their music heard. Seizing these opportunities, however, sometimes requires help. This is where IXiiV Records comes in…

IXiiV Records LogoOver the past 6 months, the Boss Ladies have been working extremely hard behind-the-scenes to bring you a revamped, redesigned, and re-energized IXiiV Records. While IXiiV is no longer signing artists as a traditional record label (though, was it ever traditional?), it continues to be an innovative music company dedicated to helping recording artists achieve their professional goals. Best known for its urban, hip-hop style, IXiiV is now open to all genres of music!

What is the new IXiiV?

IXiiV is dedicated to empowering artists through one-on-one consultation, industry education, and creative distribution services. With the right guidance and resources, artists can successfully carve out their own path in the industry, a belief encompassed by IXiiV’s motto: Damn the man. Play the music.

New Services for Artists:

IXiiV Consulting

IXiiV Records Consulting

After years of supporting and advising artists, it’s only natural that the Boss Ladies parlay their experience and passion for helping artists make it on their own into part of the IXiiV business portfolio. Through personal consultation sessions, Vic and Suz will provide artists with the knowledge and tools they need to market, promote, and distribute their music to the masses. Including everything from writing press releases to outlining a business plan to copyrighting music, the Boss Ladies can help all artists get their next project off the ground. Email us at to learn more.

IXiiV Distribution

IXiiV Records Hoodies

While other companies may have jumped on the physical-meets-digital bandwagon in recent months, IXiiV was the FIRST to introduce this format with the debut of Hoodies™ back in the summer of 2009, after developing the idea for a senior thesis in 2005. Hoodies™ are the only music format that offers fans both digital and physical content in one package. IXiiV is offering this innovative format in a new and improved way to allow artists to distribute their own music through IXiiV’s Hoodies™ brand without signing an exclusive recording contract. Your music is yours to own!

IXiiV University

IXiiV University

Another first credited to IXiiV is introduction of our University, the only educational system that caters specifically to the independent recording artist.  Taking consulting to a new level, IXiiV will be rolling out online classes in time for the Fall term for artists to enroll in and walk away a one-person entertainment juggernaut. The Boss Ladies will guide artist through a variety of subjects and provide them with invaluable materials such as reports, presentations, and templates.

Class subjects include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Branding
  • Performance and Publicity

New Ways to Connect with IXiiV:


IXiiV Records Blog

Welcome to our brand new blog! Here we will be sharing our knowledge, opinions, and advice on every aspect of the music business. From album reviews to financial planning tips to planning an album release party, we will cover it all. New content will be posted frequently, so be sure to check back often. You can also sign up to receive updates my email.

Facebook Page

IXiiV Records Facebook Page

We are also excited to announce the launch of our official Facebook Page. This Page will feature engaging industry discussions and dynamic content in order to build a thriving community of music professionals and consumers. If you are currently a member of our Facebook Group, please make the transition as we will be deleting the Group soon.


IXiiV Records Twitter

Finally, IXiiV’s social media takeover wouldn’t be complete without Twitter. Now you can follow @IXiiVRecords to connect with the Boss Ladies, get the latest industry news, converse about the music business, and receive IXiiV updates. (***Please note we are now @IXiiVConsulting***)

If you are an independent artist and are interested in any of our services, please reach out to us. We look forward to working with many of you on your next projects.

Until next time, is there another service or product you’d like to see offered from IXiiV?  A certain topic you’d like to see covered in our blog?  We’d love to hear from you!  Be sure to leave your comments below 🙂

Thank you for the continued support.

Damn the Man.  Play the Music.



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