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Getting To Know You: Differences Between Your Bio, EPK, & Press Release

Many artists often confuse or incorrectly alternate the following marketing materials: Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), Artist Biographies, and Press Releases. While these documents may overlap in some areas, each serve a specific purpose and can often be directed at different audiences. Although someone else may prepare them, it is important to be familiar with their … Continue reading

Willie Green: The Art of Production

When we first sat down with NYC-based producer and engineer, Willie Green, he made sure to let us know he is more than “just a producer” – he is an artist. Like any artist, Willie takes pride in his work, and puts a piece of himself in everything he does. He creates, he manipulates, and … Continue reading

Beats by Dre: A Lesson in Brand Diversity

Editor’s Note: The Retox event hosted by DJ Tedsmooth at the Beats by Dre store in NYC has been rescheduled for Friday, January 13th. Learn a trusted lesson about the importance of expanding your brand and scroll below for important details on how you can be a part of an EPIC event in music on … Continue reading

MySpace – The Once & Future King?

Editor’s Note: Alex Horowitz is a music and tech blogger writing on behalf of Contested. Did we also mention he’s a musician? Check out his band [ghost this] and read his first post for us on Spotify. If you’ve followed a link to this blog post (it would be quite a feat to be reading … Continue reading

PremRock: Killing Your Idols

The Boss Ladies of IXiiV have worked in this industry their entire adult lives, and they can safely say it is a rarity to come across an independent artist who is not only serious about his art, but also serious and smart about the business of that art; someone who is respectful of how the … Continue reading

Gonna Be Ok (da da doo doom), Just Dance

On Monday, August 29, ABC announced the official lineup for the upcoming season of its hit show, Dancing with the Stars. Since then, the internet has been abuzz with many viewers in an uproar over ABC’s decision to include Chaz Bono as one of the contestants. Many fans of the dance competition feel that allowing … Continue reading

To DIY or Not, That is the Question

Editor’s Note: Anastasia is the co-owner/founder of Imperial Marketing Group. We recently interviewed this Boss Lady for our Spotlight On… series. You can contact her on Twitter @BossLadyA or via email: So you want to be a star? You want to “make it”? Then you’re going to need a few essentials along your journey … Continue reading

Eric Sosa: Mr. 505 Decodes His Sosalogy

Eric Sosa, or Mr. 505 as he is known to refer to himself on Twitter, is not an artist that can be easily labeled or pigeonholed. Unable to be contained in preexisting classifications, he has created his own field of thought and philosophy, Sosalogy, which he uses as the title for his personal blog. Much … Continue reading

Danielle Thornton: Sosa Management Corp’s Leading Lady

“Behind every great man is a great woman.” While the origin of this popular phrase is unknown, one thing is for certain – it was created with Danielle Thornton in mind. The backbone of everything Sosa, Danielle is the president of Sosa Management Corp. and manager extraordinaire to up-and-coming artist, Eric Sosa, who is unveiling … Continue reading